Having a Conversation About Hospice

Consider These Questions About Your Care Goals

For many patients and families, thinking and talking about hospice care can be overwhelming.  These questions below may be able to help shape and guide your thoughts and discussions.

What are your treatment goals?

    • What kind of care do you want and need?
    • What are your perceptions of your disease and its process?
    • What kinds of anticipated outcomes and expectations should you consider about your disease?

Have you considered your options for care?

    • Is it your wish to stay out of the hospital and be comfortable in your own home?
    • Would you like help managing severe pain or other symptoms?
    • Are your therapy goals to maintain your ability to walk and move around and stay comfortable throughout the day?
    • Do you want a nurse to visit more often, and would you like to have a nurse available for visits 24 hours a day?
    • Do you need help with bathing and want an aide to come out to help you?
    • Would you like to have some additional companionship from a hospice volunteer?
    • Are you interested in talking about hardships you’re facing, or are you ready to explore your spirituality with some support?
    • Would you like a physician to visit you in your home and communicate with your
      Primary Care Doctor?

  • Could you benefit from visits by a music, massage or aroma therapist?

    • Do you have financial troubles?  Do you want help with medical supplies, medical equipment and medications that relate to your hospice diagnosis?


Hospice is not what most people think it is.

Beginning hospice is YOUR choice and YOU control your care and goals within hospice.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions of above, it could be time to consider the comfort of hospice care, a benefit paid for by Medicare and many other insurances.

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