Why Refer Residential Hospice

Top 10 Reasons to Refer to Residential Hospice

A referral to Residential Hospice should occur when a patient no longer responds to curative treatment or would benefit from a philosophy of care focused on comfort and support.

  1. A timely referral will save patients from multiple trips to the hospital, reducing recidivism, as Residential Hospice addresses their needs 24 hours/day.
  2. Residential Hospice provides “information visits” to explain the hospice benefit to patients and their families and to assess if hospice is appropriate.
  3. Residential Hospice encourages our patients to keep a relationship with their primary care physicians.
  4. Residential Hospice provides the support needed to manage patients’ pain and symptoms, enabling their remaining days to be lived to the fullest.
  5. Patients receive at-home or facility care by a Residential Hospice Nurse, Home Health Aide, Social Worker and Chaplain at no cost* to the patient.
  6. Residential Hospice designs a plan of care specific to each patient and revises it as needed based on the patient’s changing condition.
  7. Residential Hospice fully covers patients’ medications and durable medical equipment costs related to the hospice diagnosis.
  8. Residential Hospice helps patients and caregivers cope with and prepare for their or their loved one’s passing.
  9. Residential Hospice provides comfort and peace at the patient’s passing by visiting the patient’s home to assist the family and contacting local authorities.
  10. Residential Hospice will follow up with the patient’s family or caregivers for a year to help them through their grief in the bereavement process.

To make a referral to Residential Hospice, call 866.902.5854 or fax 866.903.4000.
*No cost applies to Medicare/Medicaid patients; other insurances may vary.