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Residential Hospice believes in collaboration and the primary care physician relationship

Residential Hospice believes that community physicians and facilities play a vital role in patients comfort and peace when it comes to hospice.  We see to honor those existing relationships and provide the communication necessary to truly collaborate on patient care.

Why choose Residential Hospice?

Compassionate Patient Care

Compassionate, patient focused care is at the forefront of everything we do. Our supportive staff of nurses, medical social workers, medical doctors, spiritual care counselors, and aids all form a team of qualified, talented, and compassionate professionals to provide the personalized care necessary for you or your loved one. We offer customized protocols to deliver a collaborative care plan and communications based on yo9ur preferences.

Our experienced hospice clinicians provide emotional and spiritual care that extends beyond the patient and continues through the bereavement process for family and friends.

Your patients deserve the best care available, and we hold ourselves and our services to higher standards.

Hospice Considerations for Your Patient

When your patient no longer responds to curative treatment or would benefit from a philosophy of care focused on comfort and support, hospice becomes a consideration. Patients, their families and physicians should consider hospice after a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness and when hospital admissions, tests and treatments are detracting from the patient’s quality of life. A patient does not have to be bed-bound or critically ill to receive hospice services.

Discover when your patient may meet hospice criteria.

Referring Residential Hospice

When you’ve determined that the best care you can provide your patient is through palliative or hospice care, you should consider referring our team of specialized, compassionate, patient focused professionals.  With potentially several palliative and hospice care providers available for your patient, please consider ten reasons you should refer Residential Hospice.