Specialty Cancer Care

Outstanding Cancer Specialty CareĀ Starts Here

Our cancer team understands and appreciates the unique complexities of the cancer experience for both patients and families.

Our team features:

    • Skilled medical management of advanced cancer pain and symptoms
    • Residential Hospice’s physicians have over 11 years of experience in hospice and palliative medicine
    • Nursing professionals with a combined 20 years of oncology experience
    • Social workers, spiritual and bereavement counselors with focused experience serving cancer patients and their families
    • Massage and music therapists for enhanced comfort
    • Hospice aides for personal care
    • Volunteers for companionship and other support
    • Expert guidance from Residential Hospice in helping patients and their family members handle their emotional, spiritual and practical needs

Residential Hospice manages patientsā€™ physical care needs, including:

    • Pain, dyspnea and other advanced cancer symptoms
    • IV infusions and pain pumps
    • Fluid retention requiring pigtail, PleurXTM or other catheters for drainage
    • Tracheostomy care and suctioning
    • PEG tube feedings and care
    • GI obstruction with PEG tube to dependent drainage
    • GI and GU fistulas and ostomies
    • Wound care for decubitus ulcers, fungating cancer tumors and other needs

Residential Hospice is an organization dedicated to providing the exceptional care that patients and families need at the end of life, helping to ensure their dignity, safety and quality of life.