Family Support

Comprehensive Care Supports Families

Residential Hospice supports patients’ families alongside their loved one who has opted for hospice.  

We support families as caregivers.  Though we cannot be in the home 24 hours a day, between all the members of the Care Team, we are likely to be in a home every day of the week. Sometimes, if a family member needs to run an errand, our Hospice Aide can extend a visit, or we can arrange to have a volunteer present.  If the family does need more caregiver help, our Social Worker assists them in setting up private duty (if finances allow), reaching out to family or friends for help or beginning the process of placement at a facility.

The Residential Hospice Care Team impacts and helps hold up families with dedicated, comprehensive care:

    • In-home hospice consultations to provide patients and families with a better understanding of their options and available benefits
    • Residential Hospice nurse available 24/7 every day of the year
    • Full-time medical social workers integral to each patient’s care plan also work closely with patients’ families to consider options and support
    • Medical directors board-certified in hospice and palliative care
    • Hospice and palliative-certified nurses and aides with appropriate caseloads to ensure quality care
    • Spiritual care counselors to support patients and families while identifying pre- and post-grief needs
    • Seamless and compassionate care with frequently scheduled visits
    • Coordination of start of care plan as soon as the patient referral is received
    • Specially-trained volunteers to relieve caregivers and offer companionship
    • Innovative therapies such as music, massage and aroma