Facility Care

Two Providers with One Plan of Care

To best support our patients and their families at whatever level of care they made need, Residential Hospice works closely with a diverse group of assisted living centers, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals.

When Residential Hospice patients transition to care in one of these settings, their Residential Care Team maintains close working relationships with the facility’s physician and staff members to develop one plan of care to suit and serve each patient.  It is very important that there is one plan of care developed to guide the entire care team.  These individualized care plans are carried out in familiar surroundings with compassion, dignity and support.

Residential Hospice Works Closely with Facilities

    • Customized protocols based on facility processes and procedures
    • Dedicated staff available to attend care conferences
    • Formal processes for collaborative care plan documentation
    • Established process for hospice clinicians to update facility medical records