Care at Home

Living Every Day to the Fullest, Wherever Home May Be

At Residential Hospice, our goal is to keep patients safe in the comfort of their homes, wherever home may be.  Hospice will provide services wherever a patient considers “home.” This could be a private residence, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing home, etc. On rare occasion when a patient’s pain or symptoms qualify him or her for inpatient care, we can even see the patient in a hospital setting.

Someone should consider hospice after a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness and when hospital admissions, tests and treatments are detracting from his or her quality of life. A patient does not have to be bed-bound or critically ill to receive hospice services. We help and encourage patients to be active, if that is their goal.  Maybe it’s walking or gardening, maybe it’s more spending time with grandchildren or other family members – hope comes in many forms.

Residential Hospice offers patients and their families individualized care plans, developed with their physicians and carried out in familiar surroundings with compassion, dignity and support.  We are committed to helping our patients and their families live every day to the fullest.