Hospice Care

Helping Patients and Families Focus on What Matters Most

As part of the Residential family of companies, Residential Hospice is ready to provide expert medical care, emotional comfort, spiritual support and pain management to meet the needs of each patient.

Residential Hospice’s objective is caring, not curing, helping patients and families focus their energy on the things that matter most.  Residential Hospice offers patients and their families individualized care plans, developed with their physicians and carried out in familiar surroundings with compassion, dignity and support.

Higher Standards

Residential Hospice’s commitment to providing a higher level of patient care includes:

  • In-home hospice consultations to provide patients and families with a better understanding of their options and available benefits

  • Residential Hospice nurse available 24/7, every day of the year

  • Medical social workers to ensure that patients and families receive the services and support they need

  • Medical directors board-certified in hospice and palliative care

  • Hospice and palliative-certified nurses and aides

  • Spiritual care counselors to support patients and families while identifying pre- and
    post-grief needs
  • Innovative therapies such as music, massage and aroma

Levels of Hospice Care

The Medicare/Medicaid Hospice Benefit is provided at four levels of care.

Care is provided intermittently at the patient’s place of residence by hospice team members to assist in the management and care of the hospice patient.

Care is provided continuously for a minimum of eight (8) hours when it is medically necessary during a brief period of crisis by hospice team members.

Care is provided to a hospice patient in a hospital or appropriately certified nursing facility on a short-term basis so that the usual caregiver, who is typically a family member, can rest. Respite care for periods of up to five (5) days is covered by hospice under the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

Care is provided to the hospice patient during a short-stay admission to a hospital or appropriately certified nursing facility for acute pain or other symptom management that cannot be accomplished in the home setting.

Insurance Coverage

All Residential Hospice services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid with no out-of-pocket costs for eligible beneficiaries.  In addition, both Medicare and Medicaid cover medication, medical supplies and medical equipment related to the hospice care.  Residential  provides coverage to Blue Cross Blue Shield patients and many other commercial insurances.