Make a Difference as a Hospice Volunteer

Volunteers play an important role at Residential Hospice, providing a wide range of support services that make a world of difference for patients and caregivers.

There are many ways volunteers can get involved throughout the course of care, including:

  • Companionship:  Hospice volunteers may visit the home or long-term care facility and spend time reading or talking to the patient, writing letters, taking walks or recording the patient’s personal story for future generations.

  • Respite Care and Support:  Our volunteers provide comfort and support in many ways, including relieving primary caregivers from their daily routines. They can further support the family with shopping, cooking and light housekeeping, yard work, running errands — even lending a much-appreciated ear to family members who just need someone to listen.

  • Creative Expression:  Everyone has a special talent — quilting, writing poetry, cooking — and a special way of bringing comfort to those in need. Residential Hospice patients and families are especially touched when volunteers share these meaningful gifts at such a critical point in their lives.

  • Bereavement Support:  At Residential Hospice, we recognize that grief has no timeline and that each experience is unique. Our volunteers are trained to work closely with our professional bereavement staff, providing a host of support services that help individuals and families cope at every stage of loss.

  • Administrative Assistance:  Volunteers with clerical skills are a valuable addition to our team. Among the many office duties they perform are preparing and processing mail, sending emails, coordinating printing and answering phones.  These are all important contributions that keep our programs running smoothly.

Join Our Volunteers

No matter what their role, Residential Hospice volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that each patient and his or her family are treated with compassion and dignity throughout their journey.

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If you’ve suffered a recent loss, we strongly encourage you to wait a year before
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